About Us

MISSION - To sell high end, quality cleaners for an affordable price, and to educate consumers so they'll have a vacuum or cleaner that they love!

Who is Great Vacs?


  • We started selling Vacuum Cleaners on the Internet in 1998. At the time, people thought we were crazy, but we have since become the internet's Largest High End Vacuum Cleaner Seller.

  • We have sold over 80,000 cleaning appliances online, which equals 1000 tons of vacuums and cleaners. In other words, we know cleaners. We know the best equipment for every situation. Whether you want a durable vacuum, a pet vacuum, a light vacuum or the best carpet shampooer available, we can help.

  • Our Customers Love Us! We frequently hear from customers who are surprised to see our level of customer service. People love to see a company who will call them, email their tracking information, and answer their questions right away.

  • All of our Vacuums and Cleaners come with warranties, and on average we sell 500 vacuums before we have a single one back for warranty work!

  • We sell all makes and models and have close to the same profit on all of our vacuum cleaners, so when we suggest a vacuum for you, you can rest assured it is based upon your needs, not our wants. Most other sellers are limited to the few specific lines of vacuums they are allowed to sell.

  • Great Vacs sells new and rebuilt cleaners. We have an advanced warehouse and workshop for quality cleaner rebuilds. Many people are surprised at our low rebuild prices. We can offer these great prices because you are dealing directly with us, and no middle men. We also have plenty of space to store thousands of parts and new cleaners, which is how we have such fast shipping times. We are able to offer the best prices available because we buy in bulk from manufacturers.

  • We go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy. If we notice any part on the cleaners we refurbish that needs to be replaced or is even starting to wear out, we replace it. Each rebuilt vacuum cleaner gets a 30 point inspection from and is tested by 3 different Vacuum Techs.

  • We do not sell low end disposable vacuums and cleaners. Purchasing plastic vacuum cleaners at super stores will result in returning every couple of years to buy a replacement. That’s what they want, a new sale every couple of years. We don’t believe in that, which is why we stick to high end cleaners whose ages can be measured in decades, not years. You work hard, and you should have a vacuum cleaner that actually works too. Most disposable vacuum cleaners are just sweepers and push around the dirt. We only sell vacuums we believe in and would use in our own home.

  • We are a legitimate business with an actual physical location. We have highly trained employees. We pay taxes, and workmans comp and payroll taxes. We have a business license and we are members of the Vacuum Dealer Trade Association. We do not work in a basement or a garage or in a small vacuum cleaner shop. We will always be here to honor our warranties and our commitments to you.

MISSION - To sell high end, quality cleaners for an affordable price, and to educate consumers so they'll have a vacuum or cleaner that they love!